Proving’s advisory services are based on academic research, industry best practice and practical application. They are underpinned by powerful software tools that enable organisations to benefit from an unparalleled range of benchmarks and global best practice. No other tools on the market are as sophisticated in design, as logical to apply or as effective in outcomes. For example, organisations that subject a service to a Proving Value for Money review typically realise improvements in VFM of up to 30% over the subsequent twelve-month period.

We also recognise that during times of budgetary constraint, organisations sometimes need an economic way to up skill whole teams quickly to enable the organisation to meet its business challenges without dependency on outside support. Therefore, for each of our advisory services we offer offer highly cost-effective one-day training packages where we come to you and train up to 12 members of your team in the essential principles, approach and application.

Your Training

Ensure your Service is achieving optimum Value for Money (VfM)

  • Understanding the essential dimensions of Value for Money.
  • Developing relevant performance metrics that accurately measure all components of VfM.
  • Establishing the VFM performance Baseline for current services.
  • Planning, prioritising and delivering VfM performance improvement.
  • Measuring and evaluating VfM progress.

Build the perfect Business Case

  • The essential criteria of the perfect Business Case.
  • The dimensions and relationship between Attractiveness and Achievability.
  • Defining and weighting the Measures of Success.
  • Evaluating your existing Business Cases.

Maximise the value and impact from your entire Portfolio of Projects, Programmes, Services or Business as Usual activities

  • The essential criteria of the optimum Portfolio.
  • Evaluating how effectively your current Portfolio will meet your strategic objectives.
  • Moving from your current to your optimum Portfolio.
  • Maintaining optimal Portfolio performance in a dynamic business environment.

Download here: Training Services Prospectus

If you are interested in any of the above training courses, please contact Proving Services. All standard courses are 1 day programmes, priced at £1,950+ VAT. Alternatively, we are very happy to develop a bespoke course for you and provide a fee quote accordingly. Expenses are charged at cost.

Advantages & Benefits

  • Highly cost-effective; train up to 12 members of your team for only £1,950 + VAT.
  • Upskill your organisation quickly and equip your team to tackle your business challenges without the need for expensive consultancy support.
  • Learning together helps your team bond and nurtures a shared understanding and ownership of your business priorities.
  • Delivered at your premises at your convenience. If preferred however Proving can host your training at the Cranfield Management Development Centre (CMDC) at Cranfield University, a World-class conference centre with customisable meeting facilities and comfortable accommodation (as required).
  • At the end of the training session you will be left with the material and tools necessary to apply the learning and evaluate your progress and success.