Portfolio Prioritisation & Management

icon3Our Portfolio Management Services help you maximise the value and impact from your entire portfolio of projects, programmes and business as usual activities and investments, providing you with confidence in delivery of strategy and benefits within financial, resource and schedule constraints.

Using either the Value for Money or Project/Programme Assessment frameworks, the Proving tools can aggregate assessments to create a portfolio view, which enables the client to prioritise investment and manage a live project portfolio.

Proving provides the following services in support of Portfolio Management:

  • Independent portfolio reviews.
  • Facilitation and support for internally-led reviews.
  • The tools and training for organisations to undertake and embed their own portfolio reviews using the Proving methodology.

Advantages & Benefits

The Proving approach to Portfolio Prioritisation and Management provides a wide range of proven business benefits, including:

  • Assists the organisation in identifying and managing its optimum portfolio within any funding constraints.
  • Supports dynamic portfolio management that can reflect changes in priorities and new investment opportunities.
  • Software toolkit provides clear and flexible reporting that enables informed decision-making at all levels of the organisation.









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An illustration of a typical VFM portfolio view highlighting those services likely to deliver optimal VfM performance.

If you are interested in any of the above Services, please contact Proving Services a.perrin@provingservices.co.uk