Contracts Segmentation and Management

Contracts Classification Toolkit

In partnership with Orbis, Brighton & Hove, East Sussex and Surrey Councils, Proving has developed a Contract Classification Toolkit that provides a fast, accurate and repeatable process for reviewing and classifying contracts; ensuring the right management processes are deployed and the appropriate level of resource is assigned. As contracts mature, this dynamic toolkit enables subsequent assessments to be undertaken to re-assess a contract’s classification based on its position in the contract lifecycle. This tool is essential for all organisations managing multiple contracts.
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Advantages & Benefits

The Proving approach to value for money assessment and improvement provides a wide range of proven business benefits, including:

  • A fast, straightforward and repeatable process
  • Accurate classifications ensure the efficient use of Contract Management resources
  • A granular, dynamic scale of classifications enables contracts to be classified into one of up to six levels and creates an audit trail of decision guiding factors
  • Ability to weight factors based on their criticality
  • Automatically create classification summaries and Contract Management guidelines
  • Identify risks and opportunities in the initial stages of the project enabling early intervention and issue resolution
  • Aggregate classification data using a range of graphical and tabular reports